Web Application Development: Here, What You Need To Know

Web Application Development: Here, What You Need To Know

Since Google’s mobile-friendly update, aimed at giving search results more weight to websites that have a mobile version, web app development is gaining momentum. To remain well referenced, companies must adapt to the mobile. Web applications are effective and inexpensive tools to attract new customers and improve customer service. This article will explain how to achieve this.

Facilitate the making contact

In this regard, you should know that a web applicationis nothing more than a classic mobile-friendly website. It is not published on the stores, but it appears directly in the results of search engines. This means that by typing the right keywords, any user can find the website of your company.

Include cards

Always in the same logic, facilitate the user to visit your premises. Since you provide your mailing address, why not include a map with an integrated geo-location system so that anyone interested can come see you directly? The integration of Google Maps does not increase much the price of web application development.

Include a contact form

For customers who do not wish to contact you by phone, consider setting up a contact form. It is a very easy solution to integrate into any web application. Remember that smartphone users easily lose their patience and rarely dwell on an action that takes more than two minutes of their life. The contact form should therefore be very simple.

Create drop-down menus

A web application cannot be a simple copy of the original website. You must simplify its contents. Drop-down menus are a good way to improve the organization of the app. You can also enrich the content by including images that will at the same time give your application a more aesthetic and professional look.

Simplify navigation

It has been said and repeated, if you want to create a successful application, focus on simplicity, because smartphone users capitulate before any form of complexity. They will feel lost if, during the first login to your app, they see more than three features. Simplify the structure of the application and avoid as much as possible the use of URL links as a means of navigation between the different pages.

Multimedia content

The mobile users, their eyes glued to the tiny screen of their smartphone, immediately feel discouraged by the multitude of content, but you will not be able to satisfy it with two sentences of text about your company. The mobile user is looking for relevant and interesting content. It is sometimes more convenient to offer a video to explain something than to overwhelm the user with a long text.

Put the link to the original web version

The mobile version of the website contains less content than its PC version. Give users the ability to easily access them for more information about your business. You do not always think about it, yet this element is very important to improve the conversion rate, because it is precisely on the classic web sites that the Internet users spend more time and finish more often their orders.

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