A chimney is a kind of a structure which helps in ventilating the smoke and gases from a stove, boiler and fireplace. Chimneys are built vertically so that the gases may pass smoothly through them to move out. Nowadays chimney kitchens are built in very modern and stylish ways. They not only provide safety and an exit for kitchen gases but also add to the beauty of the kitchen interior.

Chimneys are best for keeping your kitchen rid of all kind of oil, soot and dirt which can spoil your walls cabinets and even the floor tiles. Chimneys are also the best in a way that they keep the unwanted rodents (and all gnawing mammals including rats, mice, squirrels, hamsters, etc.) out of the house. The animal cannot possibly enter without harming themselves in the process.

Chimney kitchens and what to expect from them:

When you choose a chimney for your kitchen, always prefer chimney with high suction power. This high suction power makes them more reliable and effective. Chimneys which have very long hoses, tend to have the most powerful suctions. Nowadays, electric chimneys in have become a kitchen trend. They have electrical exhaust fans which make the gas fumes and oil vapours exit the kitchen faster before causing any damage.


The first thing which comes to mind when you picture a chimney is a dusty, metal chute but rest assured, this is the twenty-first century, and it is not that. Since the world has become more modern, the average chimney has also been replaced by the modern designer electric chimneys. Charcoal filters are used to purify the kitchen air. They absorb smells and oil and recycle the air. This charcoal is not washable so their lifetime is of three to six months. These filters consist of layers of aluminium mesh. These aluminium meshes are washable. So when this mesh gets dirtier, you can wash it in your dishwasher or can give it to washing agents to have it washed. Baffle filters are more effective and ease in cleaning than mesh filters. These are recommended for those who fry and grill food, with a steel grill or grill machine. Both of these grills release grease particles into the air. Baffle filters are made out of steel or aluminium they change the direction of the air flow to make grease settle on the baffles, but they do not affect the air suction power of the chimney.

As the modern world provides variety in everything, chimneys have many types too. The most important two types are Traditional chimneys (they focus on performance of the chimneys) and the other is Designer chimneys (they focus on both designs and performance of the chimneys).

Highlighting some of more advantages are that the marble, granite, tiles and wooden walls and stuff are protected from the sticky fumes. The kitchen’s walls and roof will never change its color to dark. Your house will never smell of spices and food as the gases will be vacuumed out fast.

All in all, chimney kitchens provide the benefits your average kitchens could not.



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