Chimney cleaning and maintenance is something all households need at least once a year. However, getting your chimney installed by a good company reduces maintenance and damage repair costs. We have listed for you, some of the best chimney manufacturing and installation companies. Let’s dig right in, without further ado:

  1.  Hindware:

Hindware is a leading brand. It provides customers with the options of a straight line, decorative, auto-clean, designer and island hoods. Hindware’s hoods and chimneys come with unique features like halogen lamps, low noise levels,  push buttons,  stainless steel finishes and much more.

  1. Usha:

Next up are Usha’s hoods; a unique mixture design and technology. They come in wide ranges, complementing your kitchen’s aesthetics with their presence. Their high power suction stops your smoke from going into other parts of the house., letting your family breathe healthily.

  1. Prestige:

The hardest part of hood maintenance is its cleaning. Prestige hoods, however, are best known for grease removal because of their aluminium filters. They range from $1,679.00 to $2,866.0

  1. Kaff:

Kaff again is another top Indian brand. Despite its low suction capacity, it is known for not letting any smoke escape. Apart from Kaff’s perfect appliances, the company is known for its helpful and friendly staff.

  1. Sunflame:

Like Prestige hoods, most of Sunflame hoods come with water auto clean options and oil collectors. With a generous warranty, sun flame chimneys are cheaper than most other brands. Their low price, however, does not rule against their high quality and multiple features.

  1. IFB:

IFB is another great chimney company. Apart from a five wear manufacturer warranty, IFB hoods have low noise levels and very easy to use controls. With their wall mounting designs, they save up a lot of otherwise occupied space.

  1. AKDY:

The latest AKDY hoods feature halogen lights that illuminate your cooking, making it a pleasant job. Ever wanted to be on a cooking show set? AKDY hoods will let you know how that feels.

3. Cavaliere:

Cavaliere provides wall mounted, under cabinet and island hoods, all of which are extremely effective, making your cooking odour and heat free. Most of Cavaliere auto wash hoods have dishwasher safe filters. Just take the filters out and put them in your dishwasher. No hustle and voila! Your filters are clean as new!

2. Golden Vantage:

Golden vintage hoods come with noise absorption technology, high-end power, quality workmanship, and a LED touch display panel. These state of the art hoods give cooking a whole new perspective. Art and technology have never been blended better before.


  • Broan:


Broan hoods provide the perfect ventilation solutions for modern day kitchens. With around fifty different designs and over eighty years of experience, Broan has now become a trusted North American brand. Every Broan hood model is HVI certified to guarantee accurate performance claims.


With the top ten companies listed for you, choosing your next hood will not be a very difficult task. Stay clean, stay safe, and happy cooking!



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