Some of the upkeep the Chimney Sweep Seattle expertly provide are chimney cleaning and flashing maintenance. Along with that they also provide masonry repair, chimney teardown and rebuild, timber burning stoves, damper, firebox rebuild, liners, rain caps, waterproofing, chimney toppers, chimney crown restore, flue restore, strain wash, tuck pointing and masonry waterproofing and chimney repair. As long as the chimney is running, no matter it’s occasionally or regularly one must take good care of it. Chimney Sweep Seattle is there to help you with that. The inner Chimney liner is also very important to be taken care of. Other than that you must also make some efforts like:

  • While lighting the fire be very careful. You must choose a good quality wood. Keep a stack of it wrapped so that it won’t catch moisture or get wet. While burning, it keeps your face away from the fireplace and hair tied.
  • Keep the area around chimney clear; there must be no furniture at least 3 feet near the chimney. Keep the fireplace and the hearth clean before lighting the fire.
  • Remember to Discard the debris after a fire, scratch the ash away, scoop it and waste it instantly. The ash can also be used as fertiliser; it keeps the pH level balanced in soil.
  • Be cautious to never leave the burning chimney unattended. Kids and pets are not supposed to be around the fire in any case. They have got to keep a reasonable distance, and someone must always look after them while the fire is burning.
  • Beside all these precautions, never clean the entire chimney yourself. Always keep Chimney Sweep Seattle at your beck and call.

Masonry Repair:

You need more than chimney repair, the Chimney Sweep Seattle design and custom create your beautiful brick patio, brick walkways, slate patio, brick and stone retaining partitions, brick pillars, brick mailbox, outdoor hearth, wainscoting, brick planters, and all forms of cultured stone edifices.

Cleaning services: Chimney Sweep Seattle additionally clean wood stove inserts, pellet stoves, pizza ovens, oil furnaces, open fireplaces and freestanding wooden stoves.

Pressure Washing:  The very effective and simplest way to de-grime your masonry, stone and brickwork is to pressure wash. If you ought to clean your chimney yourself, in that case, you cannot surely penetrate the porous substances to offer an excellent, deep, smooth result.  By getting it done from professionals, the pressure wash gets deep inside and cleanse everything as new.

Dryer Vent is cleaning:  At the same time as Chimney Sweep Seattle are in your homes, the cleaners also want to make certain your dryer vents are running properly. Clogged dryer is expensive to get unclogged, make your garments odour musty, and the lint can, in the long run, ignite due to backed up warmth exhaust.

Whether the Chimney is domestic or industrial, intense care is the key to safety. There are hundreds of chimneys that The Seattle Chimney Cleaners take care of. Chimneys in schools, hospitals, industries, offices, houses, hostels, hotels, apartments, kitchens all need high care and regular checkup. The professional engineers hired for this purpose are taking care that no house or industry fears the danger of fire. The companies assure you safety as well as a clean, healthy environment. All you have to do is give the most reliable source a call and get your chimneys taken care of. Your safety is just a call away.



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